I am a Vim kinda guy.  I’ve been using Vim for the past 10 years and vi before then on *nix machines.  I’ve tried Emacs, but it never felt like home to me.  So, I was really happy to find Eclim the other day.  I ran across this while checking on new things in Vim land.  I’ve been waiting a while for there to be a decent Java editing solution in Vim.  Really, I’ve been looking for something that wires up code completion in a workable way.  Something that does not just rely on ctags or mangulating the system classpath each time you add a reference.  Eclim seems to fit the bill.

Eclim sets up wrapper Vim plugins to interface with an instance of Eclipse running in the background.  After firing up an instance of eclimd and opening up a project, I was off and running with code completion, error highlighting, and junit testing within Vim.  There are a few quirks though.  I wasn’t able to find out how to point eclim to a workspace on startup without modifying my eclipse configuration directly.  Thought this might be a parameter I could pass in.  I’ll need to tear apart the docs and see if there is something I am missing.  I am also curious if resource consumption is any different.

Anyway, if you like Vim + Java, check out Eclim.  I’ll touch back with any weirdness/goodness that I experience with this.